TFC 2011 | Week#4



It wasn’t exactly a ride to glory, but we were lucky to have DeRo while he was here.

The most recent past hasn’t been the best of his time in Toronto. The arrival of new management possibly hastened what was already in motion from the past season. It really doesn’t matter who made the choice for him to leave.

De Rosario’s departure is the largest single move orchestrated by the club since Aron Winter and Paul Mariner arrived to take the helm. In the long run, there’s lots of sense behind this move. In the near term, it puts things in a coldly realist light. Whatever our hopes and aspirations for success this season, the truth is that we need to hold those desires in check.

De Rosario’s class is on the pitch. A fact he made all too apparent in New York this weekend, when he set up Dane Richards for the Red Bulls’ only goal against the Dynamo.

It’s too bad it had to end this way, for all of us in Toronto. Dwayne, I wish you well. More successes lie ahead for you, and I’m sad to say they won’t be in Toronto FC red.

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