TFC 2014

TFC fills gap with Oduro


Freaky Fast & Freaky Hair

It wouldn’t be a normal MLS season unless TFC were churning their roster. Out goes another body today, and in comes a newcomer. We know the chorus: “with every season, churn, churn, churn… .”

Hasta la vista Alvaro Rey, que se vaya bien en Columbus. And welcome to Dominic Oduro — our new man in Red.

In the past few weeks, the team has traded two natural wingers out. Issey Nakajima-Farran and Alvaro Rey both had poise on the ball and a decent service touch from the flank. Oduro, a winger/striker, has blazing speed and probably less technical ability than the two he replaces on the TFC roster.

Guess we all know how he fits into Nelsen’s tactics.

How many ways can we say “dump and run”? Boot and scoot. Hoof and woof. Blast and fast. Boom and zoom. Hazzah.

Most importantly, the Reds have finally acquired somebody who can reliably challenge hairstyle norms on the pitch. He’ll be playing among a sea of high and tights, hopefully filling the Red’s gap with a real outlier do. Obviously, this is a vital trade, with Issey’s pseudo-Samurai ponytail gone, and DeRo in one of his most conventional coiffs.

Phew. I couldn’t take it if the Reds all looked like Jarheads.

Let the peacocks strut.


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