TFC 2010 | Week#22

Haters And Pessimists United

It’s crunch time for Toronto FC, and a bad week has spiked fan rancor. Will the Reds put a more positive foot forward this weekend? Will the supporters? […]

TFC 2010 | Week#21

Bad Day At The Office

Just when it looked like Toronto FC might be getting it right, everything goes wrong. […]

TFC 2010 | Week#12

Goodbye Sam Hello Galaxy

Traded to San Jose Earthquakes

Goodbye Sam

Chosen first in the draft by Mo Johnston, Sam had 27 starts last year. This season, he was on track for about half as many. With a growing roster of midfielders, Sam’s talent never seemed to impress Preki. Cronin got to play a bit more during the […]

TFC 2010 | Week#11

Gong Show at BMO

Straight Red???

Referee Determines Match

It was a surprise yesterday when the weather cleared and offered the nicest match-day at BMO Field this season. It was easily the best atmosphere in the stands yet. Ultimately, however, it wasn’t a sweet goal or a triumph that electrified the crowd. Instead, the jolt came when […]

TFC 2010 | Week #10

TFC Shakes The Quakes

Toronto FC earned their first road win of 2010 by defeating the San Jose Earthquakes 3-1 in California on Saturday night. […]