TFC 2014

Starting Elevens?

Fantasy Formations

Now that all the big deals are official, I have been consumed with thoughts of how the new TFC will look on the pitch.

This is purely an exercise in day-dreaming. So, I am assuming that TFC figure out some way of keeping Señor Laba and Bright Dike in […]

TFC 2014

2013’s Payne could be 2014’s Pleasure

TFC’s management hydra: “Leibatchenksen”

MLSE haters and TFC doubters, Timmy L has just gone “all-in” on 2014

Anyone who has lived in Toronto knows the whiney old tune. It gets sung year in and year out. The chorus has lasted a generation for fans of the Maple Leafs. It’s almost two decades now for […]

TFC 2012

Fairy Tale Fatigue

It’s time to stop repeating the fairy tales about Toronto FC’s future. It’s time we all move onto something we can believe in. […]

TFC 2012

Tale of the Winter Mariner

Here we go again – new management and the panic of crisis mode are back in the front office of Toronto FC. […]

Pre-Season | TFC 2011

Here We Go Again

One week from the 2011 kickoff, Toronto FC is back in the realm of big uncertainties. My advice: enjoy it. […]