Canadian Soccer

Canada, Football Nation

Recently, Canada has stepped out of the world football wilderness of my childhood. This is something absolutely positive and overdue. We should all be grateful. […]

TFC 2010 | Week#8

Toronto FC Eliminates Impact

"I think it wasn't the best team that won … "

Not Pointing Fingers…

I guess Marc Dos Santos, coach of the Montreal Impact (photo above), is obliged to frame his team’s crappy performance overall in the 2010 Voyageur Cup in a way that still makes his club sound like the best team. The […]

TFC 2010 | Week#7

Earth, Wind and Fire

Big Week For Canadian Soccer

The long anticipated announcement of the MLS’ expansion into Montreal was confirmed today, and yesterday’s rumour is today’s stale fact. The Montreal Impact (apparently under the same name, despite more rumours to the contrary) will join as the 19th MLS team for the 2012 season. This is no surprise, and […]

TFC 2010 | Week#6

Strong Start Toward Voyageurs Cup

Toronto FC 2 – 0 Montreal Impact

April Fools uniform choices: Pink vs Gray

Best Atmosphere At BMO Yet

It was an odd match on the pitch, starting with the unexpected choices in uniforms from both sides. With more cards flying around than Canada Post at Christmas, the game got rough and ugly at […]

TFC 2010 | Week#6

Canadian Championship Series Starts Tonight

The What?

Toronto FC hosts the Montreal Impact in the first game of the 2010 Nutrilite Canadian Championship tonight. While the Reds rivals in this series don’t play in the MLS, Vancouver is set to join the league next season and everyone is expecting an imminent announcement that Montreal will join shortly afterward. The […]