TFC 2013

The Company of Strangers

Matias Laba is here to stay. The others, not so much.

A month has passed since the last post here. Watching TFC through another agonizing period of ineptitude wore me down. It filled me with dread. That only got worse on game days.

More painful still, I’ve seen it all before. I have already […]

TFC 2013

What a difference a week makes

Toronto FC’s faithful wait to see if this week’s despair will become a long lingering feeling, or if the new DP will bring some good fortune with him to Colorado. […]

TFC 2013

Taunting the Bulls


Can the Reds close the deal?

Week in week out, Toronto FC have been playing with heart and a surprising resilience.

It’s truly surprising that we should be getting a bit grumpy about late game mistakes stealing wins from Ryan Nelsen’s Reds. Barely a few months into their renovations, the Nelsen/Payne TFC is […]

TFC 2013


Toronto’s comeback last week showed their grit to no quit, can their grind make more consistent transitions into creative attacking this week? […]

TFC 2013

FC Dull-ass

Toronto FC are back on familiar ground playing well beyond expectation, but ultimately lacking the quality to finish matches. […]