TFC 2010 | Week#3

TFC Fights And Falters

NE  Revolution 4 – Toronto FC 1

TFC Self-Destructed

2 Games Really

Even though it will be recorded as one match, Toronto FC played two 45 minute games yesterday. Anyone tuning in for the second half only would be fully entitled to an apocalyptic view of their performance. What they would have missed was a first half where our side looked fairly strong, well-organized and efficient, especially in defense. Oh, and we scored the only goal – a sweet header by Dwayne De Rosario. We left for halftime with a well-earned lead and what seemed like a strong grip on the Revs game.

The second half featured the same Toronto players to start but it was like they had all been switched with their timid, slow-witted and impulsive twins. Nick Garcia must be on the pay-roll for Columbus and New England, because he outdid last week’s abysmal performance by once again serving up break-away runs on goal for our opponents.( It really seems incredible that Marvell Wynne didn’t fit the regime but this guy does). The strong points of our game all inverted in the aftermath of Garcia’s choke. The remainder of the game was hard to watch, and will definitely stoke the boiler on the bandwagon of hate that is rolling against Preki now.

We allowed a Revs rookie striker to score not only his first MLS goal, but a hat-trick within a 13 minute span. Two of these were entirely due to defensive breakdown by our back line. Add in another critical personal gaffe by Joseph Nane and we were down 4-1 around the hour mark. Afterwards, our side was visibly deflated and barely hung on to whatever structure and strategy they’ve been training toward. There will be enough hysteria about this 2nd half performance elsewhere, and despite the lop-sided score I still see encouraging signs on the pitch.

Looking For The Positive

Julian de Guzman was ill and didn’t play in the first half, but Toronto FC’s midfield was running strong. For 45 minutes, Saric, LaBrocca, Nane and Sanyang gave good game chasing down the Revs attackers, and did an adequate job of building up offensive play too. LaBrocca and White seemed to have some chemistry moving forward, and it was a nice service in from the wing that gave DeRo the Club’s first goal since early in the pre-season.

Until he was moved into defense and made a terrible back-pass, Nane was showing some real potential. He’s a strong and aggressive guy, and seems to have some touch for passing and playmaking. Raivis Hscanovics, signed Saturday before the game, also showed promise as Brennan’s replacement. If the tooth-floss, chewing gum and popsicle sticks can hold his MacGyver’d knee together, he could be good enough for right now.

It’s a rebuilding year, and my expectations are low for the short-term. I felt Toronto’s first half yesterday showed more promise than I would have guessed for a roster that’s in upheaval and a team that’s weathering a storm of fan and press controversy.

Time To Chill

Change always ruffles feathers, and it never satisfies everyone. Preki deserves a season to turn things around before he’s pronounced a failure – or worse. He’s clearly got a view of how to get it done, and Mo and the Club are trying to get him what he needs within the bounds of MLS restrictrions. The press will be press, but it would be nice if the supporter base could tone down the negativity frenzy for a while. Let’s all take stock of things 10 games into the season, when the guys have had a chance to get going together. There’s a long way to go in 2010 and this is only the beginning.

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