TFC 2010 | Week#4

TFC Road Points Washed Away By Rapids

3 – 1

For a dull game, in which neither side displayed much flare or skill on the field, the score is unfairly flattering for the Rapids. Two of their goals were on penalties that really weren’t deserved. The other goal will remain a controversy because it was essentially a dufus mistake by Julian de Guzman, the man everyone wants to be a superhero. In the wall to face a Colorado free-kick, he jumped and let the ball pass right through into the undefended side of the goal.

Toronto’s goal, conversely, came as the result of a nice play that started with de Guzman placing a sweet ball onto Chad Barrett’s feet. The striker deftly stopped it and put a pass through for Sam Cronin who deked around the Rapids’ keeper before being hauled down in the area. Dwayne De Rosario put in the penalty shot afterwards, for his fourth of the season. Without the two Colorado penalties, it was a 1-1 match. That’s what it looked like on the field. And that’s what the score sheet should have been.

Not All Bad

It’s a shame, but that’s the way it goes.  Toronto FC looked better again in defense, containing Conor Casey and Omar Cummings who didn’t really put together much offense on the day. Though Colorado dominated possession and dictated most of the match, there never seemed to be a moment when Colorado tore open the Reds back line. There were 7 Colorado shots on net, and a few that had potential to go in, but overall they were largely held in check when it came to play-making.

The Reds really fell down on offense. There were so many give aways in the midfield yesterday that it would be unfair to complain about the striking or finishing. Most of the plays that had a chance to develop were squandered before the ball got into Colorado’s final third. Whatever mistakes led to the loss, Toronto FC has to find something more pressing from its attack. Maybe now, if things stabilize in defense, the team can finally work on its forward progress.

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