World Cup 2010

Spain Wins, World Cup Withdrawal Begins

It was a tense and chippy match, prolonged by crucial saves on the few real chances either side generated today. Spain emerged victorious with their usual one goal margin, and probably showed themselves as the better team. That said, Netherlands could have taken the game in a few key moments. It was an ugly match with too many fouls from both sides, but that was due to how much of the game was locked down in midfield skirmish. Both teams were very effectively neutralizing space and time on the ball when they defended. That kind of contest isn’t usually scintillating highlight material, and fear of committing the big mistake seemed to keep everyone reigned in.

Clearly my days won’t be the same now. I’m already feeling the post-Cup funk coming on. At least the MLS is in full swing. A few more matches on, and I will probably lose my impatience with the lower quality of play than this World Cup has put on display. Toronto FC had a few dreadfully boring draws during the past few weeks, but rebounded yesterday with a win over Colorado. They now sit at third place in the East and tied for fifth overall. The hunt for the playoffs is on.

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