TFC 2011 | Week#2

Shiver me Timbers



Earliest Home Opener at BMO

I know, it’s not punny. And yet, Mother Nature has obliged us with a week of frigid temps before BMO’s 2011 christening. Apparently, she’s been reflecting on our new coach’s name to return a chill after giving us some more spring-like days earlier in the month.

As it is, the fans may be tested by cold weather under clear skies tomorrow. It won’t be the worst conditions fans and players have faced outdoors at our park by the lake, but it won’t make it any easier to keep a fevered pitch for Toronto FC’s 12th man. Whatever libations or oratory are necessary for riling the legions, tomorrow will be our first test of Season #5.

Will BMO put hot rum toddies on the menu this week? Doubtful. Cold be damned. It’s time to get our fan on.

Will Cooper Own us?

The Timbers official site is currently leading with a story about Kenny Cooper’s prodigious goal rate against TFC. Six goals in his past four games against Toronto is nothing to sniff at, especially with our back line looking so incompetent last weekend. He’s an individual who can turn games on his own. As the Timbers headline story reminds us, they were all “late game result-changing strikes.” Even if TFC can capture a lead, a single goal advantage will be vulnerable to the Cooper-effect through to the final whistle. It is enough to say that our central defenders will have to be much sharper this week to contain him.

New Signings

Toronto FC has added two more to its roster this week. A loaner from Torino/Inter Milan, the left-footed, midfielder Alen Stevanovic has potential to be a really valuable addition to TFC’s attack. It certainly can’t hurt to have another creative midfielder lurking alongside De Ro. Unfortunately, Stevanovic is unlikely to be present or ready for action this week.

Another attacking player formally joined the roster as well, as TFC finally signed Joao Plata. The move brought the talented if tiny forward out of their draft pool and will make him a possibility for playing time this weekend. It should be interesting to see how the 5’2″ Plata fares in the rough and tumble of the MLS. Here’s hoping he proves to be quick like a mouse with strikes like a cobra.

How about another centre back? Someone with veteran wisdom and daunting physical presence would be nice.

Rogers Rumours

It was hard not to dream a bit about the prospect of TFC landing Robbie Rogers as a winger this week. His public twight (twitter-fight) with his bosses at the Columbus Crew suggested the able and creative attacker was ready to part ways with his club. Benching your stars for the season opener has that effect sometimes.

The Crew organization has countered with a boiler plate statement about Rogers not being on the block. It seems more a warning that there won’t be any discounts offered if there are teams fishing for his talents. With only a year left on his Columbus contract, my guess is that there won’t be any action now but lots of interest in the off-season.

Rogers would certainly be a welcome addition to the Reds, now or in the future, and the 23 year old could be a great fit in Winter’s new system. Maybe we’ll see him taking the Trilium transfer path for 2012? Ahem… Mr. Mariner – are you listening?

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