TFC 2011 | Week#3

Dwayne De Drama’sario

Dwayne De Rosario

Reds Goal Machine Rages Against the Machine

Hurricane Dwayne swirled around online today amid a rumoured trade of the Reds captain to the New York Red Bulls. Well, what can be said on the occasion of such news? Captain Drama himself has upstaged all Toronto FC news and forecasts for the week.

Later news suggests the deal has stalled due to unspecified legal issues related to one of the players involved. Though many will hope this is a lame April Fool’s joke, the truth is not going to be so kind. This has been a badly concealed and ultimately unfinished effort to dump De Rosario and the bag of moodiness he has been carrying with him since last season. This afternoon, Toronto FC’s coach, Aron Winter, has acknowledged the talks are on-going, and rumours suggest there will be an announcement before tomorrow’s match.

This is not good news for Toronto FC’s 2011 season. The incoming players mentioned in the trade are decent and able (midfielder Tony Tchani and defender Danleigh Borman). And a first round draft pick in 2012 has long range potential too. Yet, there’s no question that ditching DeRo is a big hit to the Reds in the short term.

In the grand new scheme, DeRo may not be a perfect fit for 4-3-3 tactics. I’d take his creative playmaking any day, however, over a robotic devotion to any system. And, let’s not forget he would be taking his magic to a conference rival. We may have to endure future seasons of him quelling our ambitions while sporting a NY uniform.

DeRo scores goals. Sometimes, while he’s been here, he’s been the only one who could put the ball in the twine with any regularity. He often looked like he was twice as talented and working twice as hard as just about anyone on the field. He also sets up plays that allow others to score. The man has flaws, but he’s our star and he has put it down on the pitch for all to see.

Sure, it’s been a rough year for DeRo. The contract/salary dispute, the Celtic trial and all the accompanying media mess definitely made him look a whole lot less sympathetic to a great many fans. Without a doubt, it has made it harder for management to palate the Dramatic one as the popular face of the whole organization.

So the guy’s not a natural leader. Maybe he shouldn’t bear the captain’s armband. But trading him?

I, for one, don’t begrudge him his salary crankiness. As mentioned above, the guy was delivering on the pitch virtually all the time. He probably should have been paid a higher wage.

I guess a trade should come as no surprise. And doing it early in the season makes a lot of sense too.

The new managers can’t really be faulted. They would be crazy not to see benefits in clearing some room under the salary cap, unloading a 32 year old with a lingeringly bitter attitude and making their own distinctive mark on the team’s talent.

I hope, despite today’s craziness, he stays in Toronto. I also hope he scores many more MLS goals. And not for the Red Bulls of New York.

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