TFC 2011 | Week#11

Please Let Me Forget

TFC loses to Union

Beyond Bad

You could be excused for thinking it couldn’t get worse than TFC’s home loss to DC United 3-0 a few weeks back. You would be wrong, of course. Because yesterday’s thrashing (6-2) by the Philadelphia Union was much, much worse than the DC game.

In all fairness, Toronto FC could not have looked or played more poorly. On any other day, two goals against a conference leader would be pretty good.  Sadly, it’s just not true when the opposition scored six goals and made the Reds look foolishly inept all afternoon.

Yesterday’s match was awful. The shame and the ruin of it deserve a moment of silence today. And not one column inch more will be spent on this matter.

May we all forget this game soon. May Toronto FC force this cataclysm of crapiness from our minds this summer. There’s nowhere to go but up.

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