TFC 2011 | Week#19

Moving on up?



To a De-luxe Team in the sky

Two MLS members of rebuilders anonymous are meeting today in Kansas City. Both have spent prodigiously of late in an effort to renovate and move up the table. KC wants to revive past glories, and has just added a fresh new Designated Player to their attack (Jeferson). Toronto FC, conversely, are striving to shake off Mo Johnston’s cement overshoes and surface as a competitor.

The five points currently separating these two sides might as well be a fifty story high-rise for the basement ghetto dwelling Reds. With injuries continuing to make the TFC roster choices a day-to-day guessing game, the press has focused on the contest tonight between Reds new DP, Torsten Frings and SKC’s new DP, Jeferson. As Toronto’s defensive midfielder, Frings’ assignment tonight will likely be to shut the attacking mid down before his creativity opens up the back line.

Anyone who watched Wednesday’s loss to Dallas will definitely be wondering if that match up will even matter. Toronto’s defense looked so disorganized and uncomfortable this week that it is clear Frings alone can’t possibly contain Sporting’s attack. Richard Eckersley’s return from suspension ought to help some. And a few extra days of face time for Andy Iro and Eddy Viator won’t hurt either.

That said, the real thrill of the match tonight will be watching to see if  Jeferson succeeds at bringing in his neighbours Bentley and Willis to help in the midfield.



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