TFC 2011 | Week#16


Van city van

Feeling Vantastic

It was a gorgeous night at BMO Wednesday. The kind of weather that makes all those March, April and May games seem like cruel jokes. And so, I guess, a few of us could feel more charitable about being treated to a match between the B-sides from the Vancouver Whitecaps and Toronto FC.

What a treat it was too. Joao Plata was the stand out of the match. Perhaps because his legs are so short, his work-rate seemed especially high. I mean he has to take more steps to cover the same distances, right? In all seriousness, though, he was busting his ass out there. And when he wasn’t, Vancouver were busting ‘Caps through him for target practice.

It was a game not to remember, on many levels, but it ended well. We should feel graced by a referee’s soft penalty call. Nick Soolsma had his day, turning in an efficient 200% success rate but earning just one goal from the spot. This reaped a few precious points for the home team’s cause. It also unleashed some rarely indulged mirth at BMO Field. At least in 2011, home wins are scarce enough to leave fans light-headed.

Oh, wait. Vansterdam’s in town. No wonder I feel happy, hungry… and light-headed.

It was great to see Ashtone Morgan and Demetrius Omphroy get their first minutes of MLS action. The exposure was brief, but it was a good night for a debut.

Probably, everyone was giggly because two Designated Players have been signed to join our battered roster. These two new Northern Europeans, and by that I mean a couple of Euro guys north of 30 years old, are not due to play for us before mid-July. So there’s no salvation on the way for the weekend’s Cup match.

Down with the NCC

Saturday, the Whitecaps will play their first stringers. Toronto FC will have ailing starters longing to make a go of it. TFC will definitely need the best eleven they can field. Eric Hassli looked really irritated with how the game played out on Wednesday. But also he looked smugly calm – like he knew what Vancouver has in store for the Reds on Saturday.

Saturday’s a sleep away. When the hardware won’t be struck by lightening. And the title will be for the taking.

I might still be feeling the chuckles from the Vangrooving buzz in the stands. I’ve decided, in honour of The Yorkies, to close with a list.

The top five meanings of ‘Torsten Frings’ next season at BMO Field:

5. ‘Torsten Frings’ becomes the ‘unofficial’ term for being unavailable to play when the big game is on.

4. An order of ‘Torsten Frings’ gets you schnitzel-wrapped onion rings at the north end BBQ stand.

3. March home games introduce us to ‘Torsten Frings’ of hail that make us flee BMO before the bread for our sandwiches has leavened.

2. It turns out that ‘Torsten Frings’ was all Jim Brennan could decipher, over his pay as you go phone in Germany, of Paul Mariner and Aron Winter saying ‘return home.’

1. ‘Torsten Frings’ are the tiny bits of paper confetti that are blown into the air every time Danny Koevermans scores at BMO.


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