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Feeling Bullish

There haven’t been many times this season when Toronto FC’s play has inspired real confidence. Even today, as I hope for a victory tonight against Panama’s Tauro FC, I have to temper my enthusiasm. I can’t escape the memory of how the Reds were thrashed by Pumas last week in Mexico City.

Two MLS wins in a row, however, has me feeling a bit loose. Plus, we’re at home tonight. And TFC has looked much brighter and more capable since Danny Koevermans has come back to the lineup.

A warm dry night in the midst of a week of rainy greyness is probably buoying my spirits beyond what’s advisable. Nevertheless, the Reds are well positioned to take this game and make a play at moving ahead in this Champion’s League competition. The home crowd, though diminished, will surely provide some extra incentive and support. TFC can draw on some really positive output lately too.

The games in Columbus and here last weekend finally showed a team that’s getting a feel for the system and each other. Don’t get me wrong, there are problems still. Most of them have been around season-long.

The back line are a lingering weak-point. They are still the determining factor in each match. When the defenders find the groove, the Reds look a lot better. When they struggle, the team looks as it has for much of its history – impotent.

I know many supporters are holding out for the CCL as a point of redemption. It has been a season full of disappointments. I have to say, though, that I’ve made peace with our temporary futility.

It’s evident Aron Winter is bringing a much better order to TFC. Conquests and bling are going to be something we see in the future. You can feel it.

In the meantime, I’m taking every game as it comes. And I’m feeling like we’re going to see more victories than losses cruising into the final weeks of the MLS season.

It would be great to see our season extended by winning in the CCL. It would probably help the team continue to gel and focus. I am more satisfied now, however, with the state of affairs as they are without this achievement.

Another off-season to acquire players and train the team will undoubtedly raise their game yet again.

Tonight, I hope to see something more stalwart than the cat toy we presented Pumas.



Toronto FC  2  –  0  Tauro FC

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