TFC 2011 | Week#32

All Hail The Winter

Because that’s what’s ahead!

There’s more Winter in our near future. I, for one, am quite happy about it. Seriously, though, it’s time to give credit where it’s due:

Aron, Bob and Paul, you’ve done very well this year. You arrived too late to salvage a winning season for TFC in 2011, but the work you are doing is appreciated. I’m looking forward to 2012 already. And 2013. But who’s counting.


Nearly Last, But Champions Still

Tuesday’s CCL victory in Dallas was widely touted as the biggest game in Toronto FC history. Thankfully, the Reds stepped onto the pitch and easily made it their best match of the season. It was a confident, well-executed performance that clearly took FC Dallas by surprise. If there is more of this in the Reds future, it can’t come soon enough. Well, March is a bit away… and even then we might have to watch you under the Dome… but you get my drift.

The biggest steal of 2011 has to be Joao Plata. He may be small in stature, but he is a big game player. I love the way he rises to the big occasions. Healthy at last, he made a two goal show of the CCL game in Texas. It is awesome to watch how he fixates on scoring and brings a force of will three times his size to getting the ball on goal. Frings and Koevermans have grounded the new TFC, but Plata is the spark that lights the fires.

Battle for the Basement

It is somewhat poetic that Toronto FC will be closing out another MLS season of misfortune against the other basement dweller in the East. The New England Revolution come to town this week riding out a season I’m sure they will gladly put behind them too. If it’s any consolation for Reds fans, we’ve been playing better through the final stretch. A win at BMO today would be a nice parting gift before the snow returns.


Toronto FC  3  –  1  NE Revs


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