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All the marbles

The straight deal

Things TFC had started to look promising on the pitch. Hope was swelling, but probably because I had stopped thinking about outcomes. As long as Toronto FC continued to improve their game, I’ve been game.

So it was with a heavy heart that I left BMO on Tuesday night. The draw with the Mexican side seemed to rob the Reds of a future in the Champion’s League contest.

It was a fair match against Pumas. And unfortunate the Reds gave up a second half goal. Frings’ absence probably was the difference. Give or take a couple of saves by their own goal posts.

And to be fair, Pumas did rest their stars.

I thought, finally, that last glimmer of meaningful contest had gone dark for 2011.

Never say never

Then, the unexpected happened. Tauro FC whipped FC Dallas into submission. That’s the Tauro team the Reds have beaten every time we’ve played. And the Dallas team that have soundly bettered the late-season TFC several in a row.

Interesting times.

All that stands between Toronto FC and another stage of the Champion’s contest is one more game. In Dallas. For all the marbles. TFC win and Dallas is out. The Reds would move out of the group stage.

Priceless. As if I wasn’t already going to be watching that game.

I would love to be there in Dallas for that road victory. And to wager the odds on a victory. But even without either opportunity, I’m excited about the match now. Who doesn’t love the drama?

All it takes is one goal. That is all Dallas needed to beat TFC the past two contests. And, for that matter, they also took a third the same way against the early season Reds.

How sweet that goal. Is it so much to ask for?

I won’t be making that road trip to Texas. And I probably won’t put cash down on the outcome. But I can’t help hoping for a miracle, or as they’ll call it in Frisco: “un milagro.”

Para todos los marmoles.


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