TFC 2012

Who’d they say was Fire’d?


Biggest Game of the Year – Redux

Back again is hyperbole. Toronto FC are staring down an ugly run of decent play with no results. Today offers a psychological make or break match against the visiting Chicago Fire. Moral support from Danny Dichio, who ended the inaugural season four game streak of suck, raised the issue of the drought ending in 2007 against a visiting Fire squad. The return of Torsten Frings will likely be the more significant coincidence.

Sadly, it seems Danny Koevermans and Nick Soolsma are unlikely to participate. So the attacking depth will be spread more thinly. Lambe, Johnson, Plata and Silva/Avila will have to make chances without DK sharpening the point of the spear. They’re all due for some better luck, but goals will have to come from somewhere.

The 2012 spectacle of suck may not be over yet. When it rains, it pours. And until the sun starts shining, it’s natural to see grey and feel only the chill. There are 30 games left in the season, so all’s not lost. I’m sure one home win now would be enough to spark up new fortunes on the resurgent dose of confidence alone.

That is what Torsten Frings seems to bring this TFC team above all else. Sure, his calm and direct play set an example, but it’s clear that Winter’s young talent need his leading presence. Nobody else suits or fills the role quite the same way. It’s not always enough to have him directing from the back line, but I’m certain all will be pleased to have him back.

I see a tight, nervous match ahead. I think it’ll either play out that way to a close decision or open wide. The first goal will be telling, holding the lid on or opening up a wilder onslaught.

Should TFC score that first goal, they’ll have to press for more. To me, they look their absolute worst when they sit back and try to defend a slim lead.

If the Fire score first, then the Reds are going to expose more to earn the home points and stop the skid. With that urgency, Chicago’s counter attack would gain a chance to open the scoring.


TFC  1  –  0  Fire

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