TFC 2012

Back to Back

Platitudes About Attitudes

Wednesday was a wild match. Very poorly officiated. Very tense to the finish. And, at last, some overdue victory. Best of all, it was another Voyageurs cup and some more bitching and moaning from the Wet Coast. Ahhh sweet music.

For me, the charm of the evening was set when I watched Doneil Henry be the first over the ad boards to hug the supporters in the south stands after the game. A few minutes later, he wandered up to the north-west end and picked up a scarf that was tossed to him. He responded by walking over and passing his game jersey up into the stands. It topped off a great game for him.

Tomorrow, TFC will have to find some mojo to match their cup competitiveness. They need to step out on BMO Field tomorrow and demolish the Philadelphia Union. They need to get out and take on the struggling Union the way they took on the charging Whitecaps.

Win or lose Saturday, it would be nice to see TFC play that high-tempo game. It would be nice to see them put the same kind of effort in that has earned them the Canadian title again. This should be the week that Toronto FC turn the corner on their MLS fortunes. I’m feeling like back to back victories might finally put the bounce back in the Reds’ step.

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