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Time to be Supportive


TFC v Impact

Hard Times for the Optimists

There’s no need to rehash the drama. Toronto FC, let alone the supporters, need something to cheer about soon. The Voyageurs Cup has always been that beacon in the blizzard of TFC mediocrity. At least we could call ourselves national champions the past few years. Now, with two Canadian MLS competitors fielding feisty, capable teams, things seem a little less assured.

With the Montreal Impact in town to settle the series and determine a finalist for the Voyageurs Cup, the Reds could really use a simple break. A wee bit of luck. A small dose of miraculous. Because they really haven’t had any since the early rounds of the Champion’s League this past March.

Since then, it’s been a world of suck, misfortune and misery.

Montreal coast into town after a 2-0 away win over high-flying Sporting Kansas this past weekend. They seem to be hitting their stride. They could land at BMO with a whole lotta ruckus on tap.

TFC will likely be without Torsten Frings after his injury over the weekend. His departure last time to mend was the impetus for the death spiral they are now falling through in MLS competitions. Danny Koevermanns is still not well enough to count on. And the central defense is still trying to find consistency and connection as several players struggle to regain healthy form.

The bodies that are TFC’s roster are obviously important. Yet, it would seem that the stuff between their ears will be the most important element moving forward from here. The players mostly are towing the company line in public, standing behind coach and team. But you have to know that this has been worst of all for them. Morale needs to hold or, ideally, improve.

The most galling thing about the loss over the weekend to DC wasn’t the scoreline. It was how quiet and withdrawn the fans were in the stands. If there are protests to be made to management, take it to the front office.

Game time, the task at hand is support. I’m hoping there’s a bit more heart and hollar left in Reds supporters. Toronto FC need our voices. Our confidence can carry them through these rough times and on to better ones.

See y’all there.

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