TFC 2012

Grinder to Hero in less than 60 Seconds


Dunfield’s Celebrations Almost as Good as Goal Itself

Terry Dunfield has been toiling away this season in a job that many refer to as thankless. Salary aside, his perks come in the form of knocks and bruises. Many question his quality overall, but few doubt his tenacity and work rate. Dunfield is a grinder, tasked with hustling up and down and all around.

Knocking in a game winning goal in extra time is certainly not his usual role. And what sweet timing it was for his change of character.

From the cheers around me last night at BMO, the guy certainly has a lot of fans out there. And they were ready to give back some love when Dunfield’s header prevailed in the final minute of the match.

For me, his celebrations after the goal were the highlight of the night. Ok, beating the Whitecaps at the final whistle was the highlight. But watching Terry go bonkers was right up there too. For most of us sticking with TFC through this (another) rocky season, it was a long overdue chance to feel good.

And for that, Terry Dunfield, I must salute you.

Watch the goal here:


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