TFC 2012

Silva Lining?


I’m coming late to the blog-versation. Much has been said elsewhere about the dire straits TFC face now that Danny Koevermans has been injured. The only consistent scorer, and lately a hard hustling leader, Koevermans simply cannot be replaced.

The dispersal of strikers Mariner clearly didn’t favour, and the lack of experienced depth beyond them, has made a need for more attacking/finishing talent even more acute. As if there already weren’t problems with roster, now TFC is badly needing attackers alongside badly needing defenders.

Overall this season, Luis Silva has shown real promise. Allowing for a lapse of focus around the time of his father’s illness and eventual passing, the rookie has demonstrated admirable form when he’s had the chance to play. Two goals in the past two games pretty much sealed his fate as Koevermans replacement.

You have to feel for the guy, though, because those are big boots to fill. And with those expectations will be extra scrutiny and criticism. If he can score again tonight, win or lose, those expectations will rise further.

It remains to be seen what the current transfer window will bring to TFC. Rest assured it won’t be enough. Not for this season. Until then, Silva is the best we have up front… unless Ryan Johnson can start finding the net again.

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