TFC 2012

TFC Scare Over: Joao Plata Found

Joao Plata found beneath Saputo Cheese Basket


TFC Forward Not AWOL, just snacking

Turns out the diminutive Toronto FC forward, Joao Plata, has not disappeared after all. Management located the stuffed, but sheepish, Ecuadoran national beneath a massive gift basket of Saputo cheeses.

The basket was a gift from the Saputo family to say sorry for poaching Alessandro Nesta away from TFC, just as the team tabled an offer to the Italian defender.

Plata, for his part, was hoping to bulk up and stay strong for the two-games-a-week stretch the Reds are pushing through currently. When asked about the mix up, Plata answered that Mariner called him to ask what’s up and the player responded “Queso” (‘cheese’ in his native language). Mariner, unfortunately not so fluent in Spanish, presumed Plata had said Quito. The two today were laughing at the confusion.

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