TFC 2013

Keeping it Sporting?

Surprised last week, Skeptical again today

The nearly universal reaction to last week’s match in Vancouver was that Toronto FC looked far better than expected. I was definitely not anticipating the competence and cohesion the Reds brought to the pitch against the Whitecaps.

Ultimately, TFC were defeated by a nicely executed play from the ‘Caps. And, not surprisingly, there really wasn’t much offensive threat from Toronto. In the second half, especially, the Reds lost their verve and struggled to keep it together. But, all in all, TFC didn’t look that bad.

With the season starting in Toronto today, the questions on my mind are near term:

Will TFC hold up to a stronger and more versatile team?

Will TFC supporters shed their 2012 funk to bring some life to cavernous Chateau Rogers du Dome?

Sporting Kansas City remain one of the better sides in MLS, so the Reds have their work cut out for them.

There certainly won’t be an end to the bitching and gloom mongering that dominate the fans. Let’s hope that the tone remains spirited and positive, even if the game turns ugly. KC could easily blow out the Reds today. As agonizing as that might be to endure, it would be nice to think a hometown crowd could still find something positive to offer the guys in Red.

We all have strong opinions about what’s gone wrong and who’s to blame. Today, the season starts at home and we owe our guys all the support we can muster. Leave your frustrations outside. Take in some foolishly optimistic hope and keep your spirits light.

This season, TFC need all the boost a hometown crowd can offer.

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