TFC 2013

Taunting the Bulls



Can the Reds close the deal?

Week in week out, Toronto FC have been playing with heart and a surprising resilience.

It’s truly surprising that we should be getting a bit grumpy about late game mistakes stealing wins from Ryan Nelsen’s Reds. Barely a few months into their renovations, the Nelsen/Payne TFC is showing remarkable fortitude. Everyone was predicting a total debacle for this season. Yet here they are, playing competitively with the best teams in the MLS.

Sure, there’s a lot of room for improvement. The action going forward could use some more flare and imagination. The high pressure defending, however, has looked quite effective. Maybe that will fade as more teams watch the tape on TFC. For now, it proves Nelsen has a firm grasp on his job. Phew.

A new Designated Player is on his way in shortly, and he ought to help solidify the defense and transition. Unlike the other deals on Payne’s table thus far, this one cost some money too.

Should TFC stay healthy, the Reds actually have a shot at respectability this season. That was a radical and foolhardy thought 8 weeks ago.

Moving forward, there’s reason to allow hope to bloom a bit too. A combination of Robert Earnshaw and a healthy and effective Danny Koevermans could put a potent sting into the Reds attack.

Before we get there, the Reds need to show they can close a complete game without coughing up late goals. Today, they get the chance to prove themselves at BMO Field before a stretch on the road.

The Reds are unbeaten for weeks now. They are overdue for a win.


Toronto FC  2  –  1  NY Red Bulls

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