TFC 2013

What a difference a week makes

Matias Laba


A week ago, I felt comfortable admitting to having hope again for TFC. Like many fans, the two matches since then have definitely changed that spirit in me.

Against the Red Bulls, a late goal collapse snapped a decent unbeaten streak (for this point in the season). It also gutted supporters. A beautiful Jonathan Osario goal to equalize in a chippy and unimpressive match brought real hope alive. While not monumental, it was at least proof of heart and ambition in the face of adversity. That afternoon, sadly, there was no escaping defeat.

The 6-0 drubbing midweek by Montreal was a much more disturbing blow by comparison. Sure, they played an A squad we cannot match. They also faced an injury depleted Reds. Yet 6-0 really puts things in a harsh light.

If the skidding down the table starts here, it would pretty much follow the pattern of previous seasons. And regime changes. The question now bubbling in my pessimistic moments is: “Are we in for another management turnover if the team reamains winless for the next 8 or 10?”

In all fairness, that’s the kind start to this season which I expected. It’s just that the Payne/Nelsen Reds had surprised us thus far. Paul Mariner’s appointment is fresh in my mind. There was a heartening surge, followed by a terrible demoralizing plunge. Let’s just pray that’s not what lays ahead.

The new DP deserves a better welcome mat than a toxic tumble into the basement of futility.

Colorado was another team playing better than expected in the early weeks. This week I feel will be theirs for the winning.



Colorado Rapids  2 – 1  Toronto FC



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