TFC 2013

Is there anything left to say?


uhhhh… things will get better… rinse… repeat.

Wisdom? Or Wasteland?

Too soon to tell if MLSE and the LeiPaynSen experiment are for realz. But right about now, I need some signs.

After a pair of desperately terrible matches this past week, supporter emotions and hope are flatlining. Can we really complain? We were warned the next few games would be ‘tough.’ There really isn’t any point in getting all analyse-ish about all this churn and failure.

It’s agonizing to watch. This team is moving from sucking to the sucktacular. Again.

Painful as it is, 2013 isn’t any of our first run-ins with this team bottoming out. Other teams might have roster consistency, or occasionally good seasons, but Toronto FC’s motto really could be “We Clean House, A Lot.”

Past regimes have failed to ever totally clear out their predecessors failed handiwork. Rebuilding has never been completed. Not even once. The norm for management here is: Enter, Promise New Path, Dump out, Drag in, Ask For Patience, Churn Roster. Spend Big. Do Worse. Lose job. Repeat.

We can thank Mo Johnston. He got to go first. He’s our founding father of fuck ups at TFC. Without him, there would be none.

I can’t say what media scrutiny was like in other MLS markets for LeiPaynSen. I’m not even sure if what we have here in Toronto passes as a ‘hot’ environment in the footballing world. This week, however, the TFC braintrust must be feeling some heat. I mean they promised the playoffs. This year!

I’ve always hated that Rob Fordy, over-simplified milestone as a rallying call. I could care less about the playoffs this season. I want to see this team truly improve. Someone has to be able to lead the Reds out of the basement. Someone has to free us from the laughing stocks in the middle of the MLS town square.

I want more. Maybe it’s a silly fantasy. I need to believe there is some other path. There has to be a parallel universe where a Toronto FC team actually makes the most of its wealth and fan base to build a long-term contender.

I don’t want to LeiPaynSen off easily. They need to know that our loyalty has its limits.  This may not be the time to pull their feet too close to the flames. Yet, they need to know we will want some answers if this implosion is another repetition of what has come before.

We have to stop this terrible cycle sometime. If there’s any mercy, and any game in the management seats, we’ll see it end here.

LewPaynSen has my trust for now. Playoffs or not.

The Coming And Going

In the meantime, this season is now a novelty act. The contests on the pitch are irrelevant. The Wheel of Player Fortune spins and spins. Where it stops we cannot know.

I feel bad for the guys who have to suit up and face the music each week. And I bet the merry-go-round will keep turning for quite a while too.

Matias Laba seems like a smart purchase. Caldwell has done better than most.

The out door is still open. Eckersley and Frei seem like they will be leaving TFC soon. If not this season, then by next.

We should all be saying goodbye to Danny Koevermans. Match fitness and a major scoring streak are the only thing that might keep him here past his current contract.

But all that subtraction has to be followed by addition. TFC has to stock up through academy development, old-fashioned trading or by dollars down. The infernal cap will always be there. Other teams manage it.

When there is no more cap room to be had, and no more season to be sacrificed, LewPaynSen have to show us the goods.

Bring it on.

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