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Urruti Toot Tutti

Welcome to sky-high expectations…

That’s All Folks

Well, the K-Pay is good for his word. TFC finally signed the Argentine striker they’ve been pursuing for most of 2013. The youngster has landed, signed and posed for the requisite photo. He looks relieved, having left behind the legal hassles of a club struggling with insolvency. One has to wonder if he’s ready for the adventure that lies ahead in Toronto.

Unless there’s another free agent imminently scribbling his name to a contract, this is it for Toronto’s 2013 player-go-round. Now we get to watch ‘what it is’ fight for whatever’s left.

While a playoff run is mathematically possible, the odds are against it. And really, who cares?

The fact that K-Pay and the Nelsenator have begun to pull the team together is noteworthy in itself. Play on the field has definitely improved this season. The defense has coalesced into a decent unit for MLS play. The midfield is beginning to look capable, and actually has some depth. With Urruti’s arrival, there’s some hope that the new boy will spark life into the attacking corps.

Goal scoring remains the greatest deficit on the pitch for the Reds. Danny Koevermans may yet return to match fitness, but these are end days for him at TFC. Nevertheless, Koef, Earnshaw and Urruti need to put some finish into TFC’s improving play.

For me, a 2013 playoff run is irrelevant. Winning every game left this season is an entirely unreasonable expectation. TFC posting a winning record for the remaining matches would be a totally satisfying closing chapter for year 1 of this new regime.

In Columbus tonight, the Reds could grind out a moral victory. Solid play seems likely. A win isn’t out of the question. The Trillium Cup could be ours. C’mon lads, bring us back the hardware.

Game Prediction:

Columbus Crew  1  –  2  Toronto FC


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