TFC 2013

Another Year That Wasn’t

Please lads, do not repeat this…

The Most Patient Fans On Earth

Ok, that title really belongs to Toronto Maple Leafs fans. However, Toronto FC fans can certainly boast to own some of it now. The seventh season ends this weekend, and it will bring merciful closure. Arguably, this might have been the worst season of all.

There was the usual hyperbole about change. There was the usual shuffling of the management and the roster. TFC played through an ugly and inglorious campaign.

Yet again, it was the kind of season that makes it very hard to feel optimistic about the next one.

It also has been hard to find much to write about here. The deja vu has been overwhelming. Another year of turning the corner only to find myself staring at the same dead end. The doom hanging over the 2013 team has been hard to escape.

Whatever promise the 2012 TFC had for this season, it was all gone by the end of July. Koevermans never really returned from his knee injury. Silva was traded. Stefan Frei never left the bench. Big name signings never materialized. No surprise, the new management was fired before the end of August.

Not all was lost. Some new players have proven to be good acquisitions. Laba and Caldwell definitely made a difference when they were healthy and available. Osorio, Convey and Rey have some promise as a midfield too. Ryan Nelsen even seemed to be able to organize the defense better than any of his predecessors.

In the end, it didn’t matter.

Toronto FC remain the pitiable runt in the MLS litter. Unable to shore up its back line, too many close contests were lost to late mistakes and laughably bad defending. Worse yet, service forward and the actual attacking were consistently incapable of scoring the goals that would have made a difference.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même.

Tic Tac Tabernac

All that’s left to rally around is the slim chance we can defeat the Montreal Impact at BMO to close out 2013. It could spoil their bid to make the playoffs.

That’s right, there’s no hope for TFC success. So we’re left only with finding pleasure at other’s misfortune. But don’t feel bad about that. They are our rivals. We are supposed to root for their failure.

With weather forecasts running cool and blustery, the stage is set for my favourite kind of BMO experience. If our team’s play fails to bond us in camaraderie, there’s always inclement weather to bind us together around a common cause. Plus, you can buy the big beers without fear of them going warm before you finish them.

TFC entered 2013 with a roar and will exit with a whimper.

Will 2014 bring us any different?


Toronto FC  1  –  1  Montreal Impact


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