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My Favourite: The Mid-week Tilt

The Whitecaps storm ashore for a weeknight contest tonight. Starting strongly, the Caps have been potent performers out west until sagging out a bit since the World Cup break. Last weekend’s loss at home to Chivas means the blue and white are looking to regain form and put some ugliness behind them. Add some arch-rivalry intensity to the evening, not to mention post Voyageur cup revenge fantasies, and it’s fair to say the RoboCaps will be arriving at BMO prepped for a rumble.

Toronto FC is rolling into this contest after what might be one of the more epic performances in club history. Climbing back from an early two goal deficit with four unanswered goals, TFC showed it could correct course and deliver. With their tails up, and Houston’s carcass behind them, the stage is set for another boisterous home contest.

It would be a mistake to underestimate this Vancouver side. Their attackers will surely be watching the game tape of Brad Davis’ two first half goals against the Reds over the weekend. Despite his general effectiveness this season, Mark Bloom blew his coverage on both markers. The Caps will be searching for similar cracks in TFC’s back line, especially with Steven Caldwell sidelined by injury.

With Bradley Orr likely in Caldwell’s place, and Michael Bradley back from the spa, the Reds defence will not be the cracked glass pane of the past. Ryan Nelsen actually has some depth and options for spreading the workload across this second of three matches this week. However he stacks the back, the mids and the forwards will be entering the game with some swagger. TFC’s speed on the flanks with Oduro and Jackson and tenacity in the middle ground could generate lots of headaches for the Caps defenders.

I’m guessing we’ll see similar game plans from both sides early on. The Reds and the Caps benefit from a high pressing defensive pressure that looks to spring quick counter attacks. It could grind out in a cagey midfield contest where neither can break free. Or, this one might blow open with multiple goals from both sides.

Either way,  I couldn’t be happier than making the journey to BMO tonight. Rain or shine. C’mon you Reds.

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