TFC 2015

Home At Last


I had to ease into this season slowly. Previous encounters with TFC’s off-season hopes and promises have left me a bit shy of committing full blown enthusiasm to any campaign as it launches.

Once again, we started this season with a new(ish) coach, a renovated roster and a new strategic mandate. I knew we’d have to wait 8-10 games to see if this season’s TFC would come close to what was promised by the management. And here we are, approaching that milestone, and the Reds are not in the best nor worst of form. In fact, this really isn’t a bad place to be at this moment in the season.

Indeed, the start has me feeling optimistic. So far, through a long road opening, the Reds have shown lots of promise and managed to squeak three wins out of the first seven. Injuries and the newness of all involved together have definitely shown up the weaknesses, but there have also been lots of reasons to be confident that this year’s squad can compete.

The MLS has gotten consistently better across all teams year over year over year. That this is the best TFC team ever must also be put in the context of a much higher grade of competition than ever previously. It’s exciting as a fan of the sport in North America to see the calibre of this league rising. It may not rival Europe’s top flight leagues yet, but it’s certainly gaining ground.

All the more reason to be thrilled to greet 2015’s TFC to BMO this afternoon. Houston may not be one of those better teams out there this season, but that might be the best way to inaugurate the newly expanded stadium. It would be nice to see a full bore victory, with a full house in attendance.

I’m forecasting a win:

Toronto FC  3  –  1  Houston

C’mon you Reds! Time to get this season started.

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