Canadian Soccer | TFC 2012

Time to be Supportive

Toronto FC are fighting to escape the tailspin that is their 2012 MLS campaign. Tonight, they have a chance to level out and regain some altitude. […]

Canadian Soccer

Canada, Football Nation

Recently, Canada has stepped out of the world football wilderness of my childhood. This is something absolutely positive and overdue. We should all be grateful. […]

Canadian Soccer

Reds Rest, Canada Plays Tonight

Toronto FC rests this week. Canada’s national team takes on St. Lucia tonight at BMO Field. […]

Canadian Soccer


The Canadian Women’s National Team was defeated and disgraced at the 2011 World Cup. Now, these talented players have to collect themselves and move on. […]

Canadian Soccer

CSA takes a blast of heat

The Canadian Soccer Association takes a blast of PR heat in the cold of winter. […]