TFC 2012

Who’d they say was Fire’d?

Toronto FC need to stop the spectacle of suck that is their MLS 2012 campaign. Frings’ return can only help. […]

TFC 2010 | Week#23

3 Games in 7 Days

With the playoff hunt on, Toronto FC plays three matches in a week. A good run this week will make that post-season seem much more reachable than it does now. […]

TFC 2010 | Week#7

Toronto FC Thumps Chicago

4 – 1

Beautiful Day At BMO

It was my favourite kind of game in our stadium by the Lake. My beer seemed warm, and I was actually happy about it. The cold, gusty wind cutting a lengthwise diagonal across the park was a force to be reckoned with on and off the […]

TFC 2010 | Week#7

Earth, Wind and Fire

Big Week For Canadian Soccer

The long anticipated announcement of the MLS’ expansion into Montreal was confirmed today, and yesterday’s rumour is today’s stale fact. The Montreal Impact (apparently under the same name, despite more rumours to the contrary) will join as the 19th MLS team for the 2012 season. This is no surprise, and […]