TFC 2014

TFC fills gap with Oduro

Dominic Oduro fills a vital gap for TFC — iconic hairdo […]

TFC 2013

Urruti Toot Tutti

Max Urruti is likely the last onto the player-go-round for TFC 2013. Can he spark the attack enough to post a winning record through the remainder of the season? […]

TFC 2010 | TFC 2011 | Week#6

No Hesmer No Cry

Toronto FC need to rebound at BMO after a gutting loss last weekend. Unfortunately, it’s the Columbus Crew they face this weekend – a team they’ve never beaten. […]

TFC 2010 | Week#29

MLSE’s Mea Culpa

Toronto FC has collapsed into a team standing hang-dog, taking its whippings like they’re deserved. What light is left for 2010? Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment’s mea culpa. Among other things. […]