TFC 2013


Toronto’s comeback last week showed their grit to no quit, can their grind make more consistent transitions into creative attacking this week? […]

TFC 2013

FC Dull-ass

Toronto FC are back on familiar ground playing well beyond expectation, but ultimately lacking the quality to finish matches. […]

TFC 2012

In Praise of De Guzman

Far too much scorn was heaped on TFC’s original Designated Player. Hopefully, in Dallas and beyond, Julian De Guzman’s talent will draw the respect he deserves. […]

TFC 2012

Bound For Glory?

Toronto FC’s 2012 campaign begins at home less than a week from now with a Champion’s League match against the LA Galaxy. The Supporters’ Shield and MLS Cup winning Galaxy are determined to advance and prove themselves on the world stage. The winner of this home and away series enters the final rounds of the […]

TFC 2011 | Week#32

All Hail The Winter

Kudos to Aron, Bob and Paul who have turned TFC around. 2011 won’t be their season to remember, but it was their start. […]