TFC 2012

TFC Scare Over: Joao Plata Found

TFC Scare Over: Joao Plata Found […]

TFC 2012

Torres last weekend, Plata this one?

Fernando Torres dropped two for Chelsea in FA Cup. Will Plata break his short drought now with a pair? […]

TFC 2011 | Week#32

All Hail The Winter

Kudos to Aron, Bob and Paul who have turned TFC around. 2011 won’t be their season to remember, but it was their start. […]

TFC 2011 | Week#20

Spiking Timber

With 2 matches in the next 4 days, TFC can turn a corner on the 2011 season. A win in Portland and wrap-up victory in Nicaragua could renew the struggling side. […]

TFC 2011 | Week#16


One win against Vancouver down, one to go. New designated players won’t be playing for Toronto FC in the NCC final game for the Voyageurs Cup on Saturday. […]