World Cup 2010

Spain Wins, World Cup Withdrawal Begins

Spain took the Final the same way they took the rest, by controlling play and scoring one goal to break the stalemate. […]

World Cup 2010

The Finals – A Great Match Up

Spain revealed itself to be the giant its fans claim it to be, and now Netherlands has to face Goliath for the Cup both nations feel they deserve. […]

World Cup 2010

Upsets & Injustices Continue

For all the drama to date, the World Cup semi-finals feature three European powerhouses and one upstart South American cheater. […]

World Cup 2010

Quarter Final Showdowns

Overview of the Quarter Final match-ups for the 2010 World Cup. […]

World Cup 2010

Impressions: Days 4 – 6

All 32 teams have played

With everyone having played one match, Germany’s performance stands as the most impressive to date. The Paraguayans also looked terrific against Italy, and stand tall as a dark horse team with possibilities to upset favorites at later stages. Uninspired games from Portugal, Brazil Netherlands and Italy suggest they were […]