CCL | TFC 2012

Plus ça change…

Plus c’est la même chose

Think back to the spring of this year. It was the era of Aron Winter. The Reds showed real Champion’s League bravado. And the spectacle of MLS sucking began. Looking back it all now, it is amazing how much has changed for Toronto FC. And, it’s crazy too how […]

TFC 2012

When two tribes go to war

Santos Laguna is on the warpath to beat TFC in tonight’s CCL Semi. Toronto FC must rise above the brouhaha and play the match of their lives to beat them. […]

TFC 2012

And the choir sings

Toronto FC put their game on the pitch against a favoured Santos Laguna. In all, it was a contest of character. And in that regard, TFC were the better team. […]